Ibanez TSA 30 repair with schematic.

20140805_192847Ibanez tsa 30 combo on my bench for a loud hum problem.

It’s hard to fix it without a schematic and it tooks a long time to draw the main pcb “tsa30-power” because i double checked everything to be sure the schematic is correct.

As you can see it’s almost complete for the exception of power transformer and filament dc supply of v1 and v2,really not a problem.

The amplifier is an hybrid ,in fact the first stage (gain knob),placed in the “tsa30-pre” pcb is always in the signal path ,a  solid state op amp JRC4558D  with four red led to provide overdrive to the signal.20140805_192907 20140805_192847

20140731_20544720140731_20551020140731_20551520140731_20552620140731_20553420140731_20555120140731_205612IBANEZ TSA 30 SCHEMATIC



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